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News and Updates

August 18, 2008: How to determine a First Edition added.
June 12, 2008: Business types simplified. New way to promote your catalog email list, or if you're primarily an internet dealer but also open to 'by appointment' visits...
April 26, 2008: Adding Events updated so users can add any event, not just their own! Know of a good event coming up? October 15 2007: new 'Standard User' features introduced with Book Wants and Favorites List, 'About Me' section. Standard User features are for any non-business user.
Do you sometimes forget to check the shelves for a book? I do. The Book Wants feature will help. Check the list from any computer or print a list to carry with you, and it's optionally searchable by registered businesses depending on your Privacy level. Business Users automatically have all standard user features.
September 8, 2007: our 300th Dealer is Bay Leaf Books!
March 2007: new format goes live
January 2007: plans started with Adam Lyon for a make-over with an all new format
November 21, 2006: goes live. The first version a forum based directory.


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